Saturday, December 13, 2008

Content is King...

When planning SEO, think from your visitors perspective. Plan the content of each page to reflect a specific focus with a specific outcome that your visitor would expect, and enjoy.

When your visitors come from a search engine appropriate content is easy on the eye when it matches their search term, this has always been key for SEO but is vital for PPC

A natural flow helps satisfy visitor needs, providing the basis of trust.

Content is King

There is usually not enough content on most pages and what exists is often lacking. Google has developed a system it refers to as its Quality Score, and it seems other search engines have taken this to heart too. So it is more essential than ever to get your page content on the button. Poor content planning is going to cost you a lot of money and potentially, lost opportunity.

Content needs to be designed to help visitors find what they want. In niche markets this is easier, as often there is little information around.

In competitive markets, with commodity products, you will need to work harder to stand out from the crowd. In these cases you need to expand on the product description with sassy comments that suit your house style.

About five years ago we pioneered News Inclusion, it is much copied now - or better said - it is a development that has been widely adopted. Nowadays, we have devised around 18 different types of content inclusion to make sites both more search engine friendly, but most importantly, consumer friendly and this is an area worth studying, as this is where the competitive edge lies...

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