Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Key words are still prized

Copy sells!
It should be obvious that the words that you choose can make all the difference. Online even more so than face to face. Online we can see the words that people type in, we can see the words that people search for - search engines tell what they are - search engines also tell us words may be related too. Online a search engines job is to line up resulting websites with the words that you type in. Those words are all it has to go on. Clever stuff.

In search engine optimisation worlds these are the keywords that we focus on. Knowledge is power and you have a world of power at your finger tips when you know what people are searching for. You can undertake market research - by knowing what people are looking for - it is a dream!

Key words will always be at the core of your online marketing programs. Whether you plan to market using blogs, pay per click or to achieve better rankings through search engine optimisation, you will need to know your keywords every step of the way.

Key words are not just important at the beginning, they are vital to your on going success whether you are optimising your website or blog, they all contain words and the words that you choose make a difference.

Hard words are generally the common words, like jobs. It would be difficult, though not impossible to optimise against that. One of our client successes is for the word jobs. Go ahead check it out, it can be done. But it is tough and potentially limiting - although probably not in this case.

You should study key words regularly to pick up the changing moods of the search landscape. Google helps with that too with their Zeitgeist - and that is a term worth search for on a range of search engines, as they all have their different opinions and data to share.

Understanding your key words and all the words relating to them will help you to structure your website or blog content. It would make sense that if people are looking for your main keywords and you know that people were looking for related key words that you would include content in your site that related. It would at the very least make the site more interesting for consumers and that is the key to key words.

You must have content on your site that not only relates to the keywords, but most importantly, relates to your readers, as we hope this does.

Thanks for reading.

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